Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing.

(don’t know if this is already out there, but I suddenly felt like doing it)

  1. on the forehead
  2. on the nose
  3. on the cheek
  4. on the eyelids
  5. on the ear
  6. on the lips (cute)
  7. on the lips (passionate)
  8. on the chin

hardly even touching

I wish I had more time to do requests….
Have some fluffy KageSuga! <3


I haven’t drawn digitally in a while so I thought I’d warm up with some porn scribbles. Any requests?

So since last time I drew Jean topping have some Marco topping now :>

When you don’t know what to draw, draw JeanMarco porn :>
1 hour scribble. I’m surprised I didn’t use any references whatsoever. Life drawing’s paying off!


Anonymous asked:

What is your main blog? :) P.S. Nice art! <3 Who doesn't love at bit of jeanmarco cock? :D


Are you sure you want to know? It’s a little embarrassing… My main blog is rather innocent! So are you reeeeeeaaaallly sure you want to know my secret?? Does anyone suspect what my main blog could be? I usually upload a lot of sketchdumps there… :D