hardly even touching

I wish I had more time to do requests….
Have some fluffy KageSuga! <3


I haven’t drawn digitally in a while so I thought I’d warm up with some porn scribbles. Any requests?

So since last time I drew Jean topping have some Marco topping now :>

When you don’t know what to draw, draw JeanMarco porn :>
1 hour scribble. I’m surprised I didn’t use any references whatsoever. Life drawing’s paying off!


Anonymous asked:

What is your main blog? :) P.S. Nice art! <3 Who doesn't love at bit of jeanmarco cock? :D


Are you sure you want to know? It’s a little embarrassing… My main blog is rather innocent! So are you reeeeeeaaaallly sure you want to know my secret?? Does anyone suspect what my main blog could be? I usually upload a lot of sketchdumps there… :D